Tuesday, June 24, 2008


For FHE yeaterday we went up the canyon and cooked tinfoil dinners, hotdogs and cobbler. It was Kyler's first cook out and he looks pretty happy eh? He is totally handsome and loves to have Kamryn and Kaden around, most of the time. They sure love to have him around, when he's not screaming!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Kamryn, Kaden and Kyler at 6-7 weeks old


Happy Birthday Grandma Stott

Gary's cousins Jenny and Karen organized a Surprise Birthday Party for their Grandma's 86th Birthday Party. It was so much fun to see everyone again. Kamryn was a baby the last we got together.
This is a picture of Gary's Brothers and Sisters and their kids (Matt and Mandi are missing). There are a lot of us when we all get together, Kyler is grandchild #24. As you can tell there are definitely more boys then girls as for grandchildren there are #7 girls and #17 boys!

Four Generations

Kamryn and Grandma Stott
Okay- I can never get the pictures to work out with the text how I want to, so this is how it will have to be. We went down to Brigham City on Thursday to let my mom and dad take the kids for the weekend and went to visit my Grandma. Since I didn't have recent pictures of her with the kids I took the camera and remembered I didn't have a Four Generation picture of her with Kaden or Kyler. So I have posted those pictures, plus the ones of Kamryn with my Grandma and Gary's Grandma.

Kamryn and Grandma Lichfield
Kaden and Grandma Lichfield
Kyler and Grandma Lichfield

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken on May 24th and just got them. The lady who took the pictures did a great job! Kyler had a hard time looking where he was suppose to, but look at Kamryn and Kaden- they look totally adorable! We had lots of fun getting them taken and she was able to photoshop the picture of the whole family (all the Sorenson's) and get us all looking great.

Three Little Monkeys

Sunday was Kyler's blessing, my family all stayed after to celebrate Kaden's birthday. Rachael had got the three youngest matching outfits, so we had to get a group photo. What a cute bunch of Monkeys.
Kyler in his blessing outfit, held by his aunt Mindy (married to Remington). He was sooooo good the whole day, what a great baby!


Kaden graduated from preschool last Thursday the 30th. It was his first year of preschool, he gets to go again next year! Only he will be going to the preschool that Kamryn went to for her first year, and he gets to go with his cousin Mason. He is so excited!