Friday, June 20, 2008

Four Generations

Kamryn and Grandma Stott
Okay- I can never get the pictures to work out with the text how I want to, so this is how it will have to be. We went down to Brigham City on Thursday to let my mom and dad take the kids for the weekend and went to visit my Grandma. Since I didn't have recent pictures of her with the kids I took the camera and remembered I didn't have a Four Generation picture of her with Kaden or Kyler. So I have posted those pictures, plus the ones of Kamryn with my Grandma and Gary's Grandma.

Kamryn and Grandma Lichfield
Kaden and Grandma Lichfield
Kyler and Grandma Lichfield


The Sorenson Family said...

Wow, that's so amazing that you were able to get pictures of all 4 generations! That will be something so cool for the kids to look at when they are older.
- Sara xx

Rach said...

You look amazing! I guess its because you put on like 1 lb. with Kyler! Mom's going to love that one with Kaden :) So fun. I'll have to put up some that I have-- what a good idea!!

Rach said...

Gary looks about 12 in the first picture :) I guess having three kids will take a toll on you!
j.k. Thanks for letting us have the kids for the weekend-- They are such good kids!