Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day of 1st Grade!

Kamryn thought I only wanted to take this picture becuase her hair clip looked funny.
Kamryn and Hannah (her best friend) they are in the same class!
Kamryn's desk- when I went to pick her up from school, she was crying and crying because she was sure I would not be there to get her. Her teacher said she would sit her next to Hannah the next day. (Hannah and Olivia- another friend, are right behind her here)
Day 2- What a morning! Kamryn informed me she was not going to school today because it was too long. Hannah's mom called and said she was letting Hannah stay home because she was throwing a fit for the same reasons. Kamryn was not going to get out that easy, I noticed the neighbor kids on their way to the bus so I grabbed her put her shoes on ( as she is retching from being so upset) and we headed for the bus. The neighbor Amanda's class is right next to Kamryn's so she will get her to the right class, and make sure she gets on the right bus home. Too bad she will have to eat lunch with someone besides Hannah. It will make her know she is BRAVE and can do anything (I hope) She is such a great kid- I Love her and miss her so much!

BiG bOy

Look at Kyler! Sitting on the couch all by himself- What a Big Boy!
Kamryn and Kaden LoVe Kyler Sooo Much
Fun Together!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just some more fun pictures

Who's in that mirror?
Awesome Kids

Friday, August 8, 2008

Awesome Picture

On Thursday our activity for YW's was a Temple picture and story trip, as we were listening to the story I noticed a rainbow behind some of the girls and thought that this was an awesome picture. To have the Temple, a rainbow and 3 of my laurels in a picture together!
From left to right- Katie, Molly and Cassie. Great Girls!

Copy Cat

I am copying Rachael (well she's the one that gave us the outfits) by dressing my boys the same. They sure do look super cute and Kaden thought it was the greatest thing ever- to have Kyler look just like him. Kamryn got after me because she didn't match and told me I needed to go and buy them all the same thing to wear. What fun we are having this summer!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Girl's Camp!!!

Kyler came with me to Girl's Camp for 3 1/2 days of FUN!
Some of the Leaders
Jessica- the cutest YW Ever! She also thinks Kyler is "pretty cute"
Maddie and Nikkel model in front of the mailboxes
Jessica and Molly model their "angel faces"
Joel- the new Laurel advisor's baby came for Thursday- all the girls loved him!
Martina is holding him.
S'more party after Testimony Meeting
Girls Camp was awesome. Our theme was "Like the Stars" We all got sweatshirts with our names on the hoods and loves them. The first night we had a "star search" skit night, then the next night a speaker who brought a telescope and taught us all about the stars and the last night we had a faith walk and testimony meeting- what a great experience ans fun time we all had!
I love my calling and especially spending girls camp with all the great YW!