Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Logos?

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Triple Header!!!

We celebrated on April 16th- 3 of the cutest boys first birthdays! With Keaton (March 16th), Paxton (March 17th) and Tyson (May 6th) all having their first birthday we couldn't resist having a TRIPLE HEADER! Rachael made 3 totally cute banner which read "Triple Bogey", "Happy Birthday" and "Triple Header". (Warning- I have attached enough pictures that you will feel like you were there.)
Dinner- awesome Chabota rolls, turkey and pastrami, all kinds of cheeses and cake and candy. We were well fed!

These are the special cakes Rachael made for the Birthday Boys.

More Decorations.

All the kids had lots of fun playing with the balloons, especially the babies.

The Loot. We combined Easter too and did an Easter Egg Hunt for the older kids- what fun!

They all got special treats and had fun going through their baskets.Bring on the CAKE! (Keaton)


and Paxton. As you can see they enjoyed every second!

Tanner and Kyler coloring one of their prizes.

Tyson opening one of his presents.

Paxton doing the same.

Kamryn helping Keaton read his "Wheels on the Bus" book from Remington and Mindy- it is now a favorite of everyone at our home!

Randy and his girlfriend Kelsey came.

Paxton and Remington- having fun!

Keaton learning how to push the button on the book which plays the tune of wheels on the bus.

Kaden and Taylor showing off their awesome coloring!

Kamryn showing me how to jump rope.

I just deleted the pictue of Jessica teaching me how to do jump rope tricks, but here is a cute picture of her and Kamryn showing how much fun they had at the Party!

We all had lots of fun Celebrating the 1st Birthday's of the cutest boys, but most fun of all was getting to be with Family!

Spring Break

During Spring Break this year, the weather was not like Spring. Gary and I were going to leave the kids and go to St. George, the weather was cold and rainy everywhere so we decided to go spend a few days in Salt Lake City. We went to the Clark Planetarium and had lots of fun with cousins.
Kamryn and Kaden

Kamryn, Kaden and Kyler on Mars

On the Moon!

We had a great time and are hoping someday soon to actually enjoy Spring.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Grandma and Cousins!

My Grandma has been placed on Hospice, so we took the kids to get pictures while we still can (she has been taken off all her medications- and is now more alert and doing better than in the pictures!). The best part about meeting Rachael and my mom to see Grandma...COUSINS!

We had lots of fun and enjoyed leaving Grandma a new book with new pictures of all her great grandkids- at least the ones from my mom and dad.

Rachael, Grandma, my mom and me

Keaton and Tyson (notice the trend- everyone has a buddy!)

Kyler and Tanner

Taylor and Kaden

Jessica and Kamryn

The whole Crew- what a fun bunch of cute kids!

What a Surprise...

I came home from work a couple months ago (now) and found that we had 3 chickens running around our backyard. Kyler just loves them as you can see from the pictures. Gary bought 4 chickens and a house. When he got them home- one walked through the garage and was lost. The kids and Gary spent the next two days looking everywhere for the chicken and decided it had become either dinner for a neighborhood cat or dog, or it was with our neighbor's chickens. Come to find out it was making a nice home at our neighbors and when she found out it was ours, she happily brought it back. We know have four happy egg producing chickens. The Black one is Kaden's- named Blackberry, one of the brown ones is Kamryn's- named Little Jerry (thanks to daddy for helping her name it), the other brown one is Keaton's- named Red, and finally the white one is Kyler's- named Marshmellow. Marshmellow is luckily mellow, Kyler will chase her and chase her until he gets to hold her, holds her all the time and will only eat her eggs. Which are the only white ones so its easy to tell. We have learned a lot about chickens the last two months and really enjoy having them as pets.

Kyler and Marshmellow
Keaton and Red (as close as he is allowed to get)

Keaton loves the chickens too!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cake, Presents and FUN in the Tub!

My Baby is officially not a Baby anymore:(
We had cake and ice cream with Gary's mom, brother and family tonight. Keaton had a GREAT time being the center of attention. (party on my side coming up... it's a triple header- you won't want to miss it. Pictures coming around April 10th!)

It took a couple tastes and then he never looked back. WOW what a cutie!

Checking out a present from Grandma.

Doesn't he look so big in this picture, its amazing how fast they grow up!

After the great cake... FUN in the tub, and boy he had a great time and a great birthday! Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Keaters!

I can not believe that Keaton is already ONE!
(had to have a picture of him in his birthday suit)

We get comments all the time on his red hair and blue eyes- he is ADORABLE. I tease my dad a lot, because when we were 14 or 15 he made the comment "If you ever have a kid with curly red hair and blue eyes, I'll disown you." He changed his mind when he met Keaton.

He has been the BEST baby and we are loving every minute with him. He really is a lover and does at times exhibit some "red head temper", especially at breakfast when I do not get him his food in time- his fists go up and he screams until his face is red. It's really quite funny.

He is getting into everything and is learning how to do the stairs. He pulls himself up on whatever he can reach, he loves talking on the phone and says "hi" while holding his hand to his ear. He LOVES daddy and always wants him. Keaton and Kyler are getting to be best buddies and are starting to play together! This helps me lots! Keaton loves to cuddle and is doing awesome on almond milk. He is a great eater and now weighs 17 pounds! (just like Kamryn did at one.) Kaden loves to help me with him, they play cars and video games together (keaton loves to turn off the playstation while they are playing it) Kyler always want to play in the crib with Keaton when he wakes up from his naps- it is totally cute and fun to just listen to them laugh together. It's amazing what a baby can do to bring the family closer together!

Happy Birthday Buddy- We LOVE you TONS!