Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm A...

You are right- Kamryn is now very out numbered!
She seems okay with it right now, especially when we reminded her that she gets her own room.
Kaden of course is thrilled and Kyler doesn't know whats going on. We are very excited and it will be great to have the two boys close together.
DUE: March 24th, 2010.
(but with my history of c-sections we can have him somewhere around the 9TH!)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fun Summer Pictures

We hiked the Juniper Jardine trail up Logan canyon and forgot the camera on the hike so Kamryn and Kaden posed for shots at the end.
cute kids?
Kyler in true form- he still has the nickname Cryler.
Kaden at Bear Lake- he kept catching little fish.
Kamryn- they loved just playing in the big pools of water.
Fun rides on Dad's scooter. Kyler loves the rides, just not the helmet.
Hold on boys!

Friday, July 24, 2009


We are a little behind, so here is July in one Post.
We started with a Visit to Brigham City and go t to see Grandma L. and get pictures!
Grandma and a very happy Kyler

Grandma and Kamryn and Kaden

Next we went with Gary's brother Kevin and his family for lunch up the Canyon.
Kaden and Mason
Kamryn and Andrew
Kyler, Kamryn, Andrew, Porter, Mason and Kaden
Kamryn and her friends started a Barbie Club
This is the chant:
Barbie's, Barbie's all the way
They are cool and fun to play.
Wanna Join?
Andrew got Baptized on the fourth of July so this is a picture of the boys all born in one year
Eric, Porter and Klyer
Later that night we went to Gary's brother Matt's house for a BBQ.
This is Kyler feeding himself- he insisted.
They have a really fun Hammock.
Alex, Andrew and Kamryn playing a ship game.
You know the saying it's all fun and games until someone looses an eye.
All the kids- led by Gary were throwing baby apples at each other until he got hit right in the eye. I thought it served him right- it was red and sore for days.

Kyler and Porter playing

having a photo shoot
and stealing ice out of the cooler- what cuties!
Our fireworks!

The Primary Activity- A TREK!
They got to dress up like pioneers and push the handcarts to the Stake Center (a 1/3 of a mile away)
Kamryn all dressed up
Kaden- looks awesome!
getting ready to head back

After the Trek we met my mom and dad and the kids went to SLC for the weekend
Gary and I took advantage and hiked the Wellsvilles
We were worn out by time we got to the top- but it was a blast!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cousin FUN!

Rachael and Phil's kids came for the weekend and so we had the greatest time. Here are some pictures of our activities!
How do you feed six kids and a neighbor? Little Caesars Pizza!
Of course up here in the Arctic, they all wanted to eat outside, so we had to bundle up
After Pizza- it was time to play. Kyler is showing off the binky he found and he tried out the slide all by himself!

Time for BED!
What's the best way to wear out six kids?
Take them to a park with big hills.
Yes, that is Tanner at the top with everyone following him.

Super Hero's
"The Girls" (Rachael and I always hated that phrase)
Lots of cute Kids!
For Dinner we went and got Wendy's then went to the mouth of Logan Canyon- Ray Hugie Park and ate, played on the swings, fed squirrels, looked at the chickens, and gave chips to the ducks.
"The Boys"
Taylor getting ready to throw a fry to the squirrel
The lucky ducks
We had a great time and sure enjoyed having Jessica, Taylor and Tanner be a part of our family for a few days.
Thanks- Rach and Phil.