Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm behind...again!

Two totally adorable girls who love to be together and have FUN!

You would never picture their moms being silly together now would you?

Jessica-what a cutie!

Kamryn- awesome eyes! (they happen to come from Grandpa-that's what she told her class)

Four cousin's having a Blast together!

Yet again I am very slow with my posting- so you can keep going down, I caught up on a few posts. I just got hired on at Access Home Care and Hospice, full-time. So lets just say that life is totally out of control and I have NO control of anything in my life. I am loving it! I just hope I can catch on fast and get everything organized at work and at home- or we might just get use to the CHAOS!

We LOVE School Programs!

Kamryn dressed up- i think- like Martha Washington for their patriotic program!
(the boy next to her is the trouble maker of the class- I think she is put next to him everytime, so he can learn from her example)


My mom and dad came up for the program and brought Jessica and Taylor to stay for a couple nights. We had so much fun with them and the night of the program even though we were crammed in the gym like sardines (i'm not kidding) all the kids were SOOOO good. We all left happy, proud of our country and smiling with bright red cheeks.

Happy Birthday KAMRYN!

Only one can do it.

See her hair is the same color-her favorite thing about her favorite present

Kyler's favorite part about birthday celebrations- Balloons

Kamyrn had a Great Birthday, she had a wonderful day. Jessica and Taylor came for a visit and were so much Fun, she got just what she was hoping for and loved turning 7.