Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We are LIVE!

We are officially on the internet! Hooray! We have been working for a while to get a site for people go to, to fill out quote information-so we don't have to bother everyone with telemarketing. That day is today! What a great way to get ready for the new year. If you know anyone that is interested in finding the best rates and best coverage on insurance, have them check us out. We can write a policy anywhere in the state! Just go here.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve at my parents house- Everyone's Favorite gift!
Way to go Grandma and Grandpa.

Thanks to Rachael doing Kamryn's hair like this on the 24th (even though she should have been resting) Kamryn let me do her hair with a twist today!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!

Could there be any cuter SUPERMEN?

While we were having our Christmas Eve party at my parents house there was a knock at the door and who was there? Santa! Looking at this picture you can tell who knows they have been good and who doesn't.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday and Get Well Soon

(this is the most recent picture I have of Rachael- she's holding Kyler)
Rachael had surgery on her back on Monday and today is our Birthday and she is lucky enough to get to spend it in the hospital. So this is to wish her a HAPPY Birthday and let her know we hope she gets well SOON. You know that song Elaine sings on Seinfeld- Get well, Get well soon, we want you to get well. Get well, Get well soon, we want you to get well. Just sing it to the Happy Birthday to you tune and I hope it covers both occasions. You better take it easy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Cards

I have a holiday card maker program I have wanted to try out, so I finally got the kids in what I thought would be a great picture taking mood and off we went to get the perfect picture... here are the runners up and you'll just have to wait to get your card to see the winner!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What does your tummy tell you?

Kyler- see how happy he is now!

The cutest boys around!

Tonight as we were driving home from Macey's this was the conversation Kaden and I had:

Kaden- "I remember making Grandpa and Grandma's bed when I was two."

Me- "Kaden, you have the best memory."

Kaden- "I know, my tummy told me"

Kaden is so much fun, his tummy tells him all sort of things and he is feeling whatever his tummy is. He will say- "My tummy is tired", then go upstairs and go to sleep. We love having him around he sure keeps us entertained.

Fun in the Snow!

Kaden's snow chair- he made ALL by himself!

Kamryn Sledding down the front yard

Awesome Snowman, Cute Kids

Do you remember when you loved to dress up in all your snow clothes, and you could play outside forever and you never felt the cold? Okay- I can't either, but Kamryn and Kaden have loved the snow we've had this year. (all inch of it) They will stay out side for hours playing on the sled and they even were able to make snowmen all by themselves! Awesome!

Friday, December 5, 2008

7 Months!

Now I know I haven't been very good at posting blogs lately, but holy cow- it seems like I did the six month pictures yesterday. Kyler is now 7 months and has become a pretty good boy! He is so cute and rolls everywhere. He is getting better at sitting up and is a good eater. He loves daddy and bath time. He says da da da all the time and is a horrible teether- he likes to bite mommy. We are loving having him in our family and Kamryn and Kaden can't get enough of him. If he makes a peep during his nap they are ready to run in and be the first to talk to him. Life with three kids is definitely totally crazy, but we are having lots of fun together!