Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day of 1st Grade!

Kamryn thought I only wanted to take this picture becuase her hair clip looked funny.
Kamryn and Hannah (her best friend) they are in the same class!
Kamryn's desk- when I went to pick her up from school, she was crying and crying because she was sure I would not be there to get her. Her teacher said she would sit her next to Hannah the next day. (Hannah and Olivia- another friend, are right behind her here)
Day 2- What a morning! Kamryn informed me she was not going to school today because it was too long. Hannah's mom called and said she was letting Hannah stay home because she was throwing a fit for the same reasons. Kamryn was not going to get out that easy, I noticed the neighbor kids on their way to the bus so I grabbed her put her shoes on ( as she is retching from being so upset) and we headed for the bus. The neighbor Amanda's class is right next to Kamryn's so she will get her to the right class, and make sure she gets on the right bus home. Too bad she will have to eat lunch with someone besides Hannah. It will make her know she is BRAVE and can do anything (I hope) She is such a great kid- I Love her and miss her so much!


The Sorenson Family said...

Wow, first grade???!!! Congratulations, Kamryn! You ARE such a brave girl! I'm so glad that you already have some good friends to sit with and play with in your class! You're going to do a great job this year and learn so much! You're probably already smarter than your aunt Sara!
Love you! Sara xx

Russ and Liana said...

Oh dear! What a morning! I hope the day went better!

On another note, I totally want to come see your house! (And you guys of course) We'll be at the fairgrounds all day with our horses. If you guys want to come out, maybe we can get your kids on a horse they seemed to enjoy it very much last time. As for our competition, it is saturday evening around 6...I'll give you a call and let you know what is going on.

kristi and family said...

oh my... Kamryn is so BIG, i can't believe she is in FIRST grade... little rascal, thinking she can NOT go to school....

Rach said...

That just makes my heart ache. I'm having a hard enough time worrying about Jessica in Kindergarten with her gone just half days... I'm sure you were shedding a few tears of your own as you walked her to the school bus. It will be a bit of an adjustment, but I'm sure by labor day she'll be sad she doesn't get to go to school :)