Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Picture Tag

I have two hard drives on my computer- since my first computer crashed and I do not know how to fully transfer the pictures, they are both connected. So I decided to post both pictures from file 4 picture 4. The first one was Easter 2008 at my Mom and Dad's and the kids were just going outside to find their eggs. The second picture is my niece Jessica, She came to stay for a week while her parents were on a cruise and brought her new big wheel. Of course she and Kamryn had to match- so they have the same bikes.
I tag Kristi, Mindy and Liana. Just post picture 4 out of file four and explain the picture.

1 comment:

Rach said...

How Fun! Thanks for doing the tag. That picture of Jess is so cute. Thanks again for taking her while we partied!