Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cousin FUN!

Rachael and Phil's kids came for the weekend and so we had the greatest time. Here are some pictures of our activities!
How do you feed six kids and a neighbor? Little Caesars Pizza!
Of course up here in the Arctic, they all wanted to eat outside, so we had to bundle up
After Pizza- it was time to play. Kyler is showing off the binky he found and he tried out the slide all by himself!

Time for BED!
What's the best way to wear out six kids?
Take them to a park with big hills.
Yes, that is Tanner at the top with everyone following him.

Super Hero's
"The Girls" (Rachael and I always hated that phrase)
Lots of cute Kids!
For Dinner we went and got Wendy's then went to the mouth of Logan Canyon- Ray Hugie Park and ate, played on the swings, fed squirrels, looked at the chickens, and gave chips to the ducks.
"The Boys"
Taylor getting ready to throw a fry to the squirrel
The lucky ducks
We had a great time and sure enjoyed having Jessica, Taylor and Tanner be a part of our family for a few days.
Thanks- Rach and Phil.


Our Ohana said...

Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures!!! It was the greatest thing to be able to see the cutest neices and nephews a girl could want hamming it up like that! I love Kamryn in that top picture (peace, girl!), and the Hawaii T-shirts are awesome. You guys need to make good on the "Hawaii girl" claim and get those kids out here to play on the beach! Love ya,
Sara xx

walkinourshoes said...

Hi Becky,

Wow, that looks like a lot of work but, a whole lot of fun. Your kids will never forget the fun times with cousins. Cute kids and fun times.

Love, Koe

Rach said...

I thought I had already left a comment, sorry... Thanks again for having the kids. It was so nice knowing they were in "good hands"! The pictures are so darling. We obviously need to make it up more often so Tanner can become more acquainted with you guys! Sure appreciate you and all the fun things you did with 6 kids!!!

kristi and family said...

whoa!!1 you are one nice aunt.. you are the BEST!!!