Thursday, February 5, 2009

Without A Doubt...You are Special

(Codi, Juliann, Nikkel and Madison- the best girls ever!)
This is from Jan. 22nd (i'm a little behind at blogging and posting, so just keep going down until you find something you've seen before.) We had Karen Eddington from Califlower Retreat come and talk with the girls about self esteem and knowing they are special. It was a great night. You might have caught her on the news recently she was on channel 5 a week later for something to do with the same topic.

See how much they loved it! (Valerie and Jessica)

Me and "MY" Jessica. We have become the best buds since I joined YW and we are looking forward to being related, if Randy ever gets on it and asks her sister out. So if anyone reading this is close enough to Randy or in touch with him in the next little while. Please persuade him to call Jaclyn (SP?) NOW! So that Jess and I can be sister-in-laws!

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kristi and family said...

you are the nicest person EVER!!!