Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday KAMRYN!

Only one can do it.

See her hair is the same color-her favorite thing about her favorite present

Kyler's favorite part about birthday celebrations- Balloons

Kamyrn had a Great Birthday, she had a wonderful day. Jessica and Taylor came for a visit and were so much Fun, she got just what she was hoping for and loved turning 7.


Rach said...

Happy Birthday Kamryn! Her doll is so cute. Now, Jessica wants one. Since Kamryn "didn't put it down the whole time!" :)

garybeckyandkids said...

That is SO True. Luckily we had tow dolls about the same size so that Jessica wasn't totally left out. We loved having them come- we'll have to do it again soon. Say like- April!