Friday, April 3, 2009

Wii Bowling- Superhero Style

The YM were in charge of this activity- they set up Wii's, 2 on each side of the Gym and had them projected on the wall. The Kids- dressed as Superhero's, got in teams and played bowling. They then had prozes for the best costumes and top points (team). It was an awesome activity and it cost nothing!
Can you guess the Bishop's Superhero?
Thomas S. Monson- Maybe?

Kolton- Hancock

Spencer- Some sort of Superman- his little brother's costume

Codi and Juliann- Super Princesses!

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Our Ohana said...

All I can say is I wish we had had you for a Young Womens president in our ward! You sound like so much fun! Good work on finding something so great and affordable for the youth to do!