Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kids are the Greatest...especially when clean

Looks like fun doesn't it. Kamryn and Kaden couldn't be any happier then when Kyler gets to hop in the tub with them. Kamryn has just decided she loves to take a shower, but she can't pass up a chance to hold Kyler. So she'll get in the tub and then shower off after- the best of both worlds!


Rach said...

So precious!! Taylor begins undressing at the sound of the tub water running... unfortunately, sometimes its just Tanner playing with the tap :)

Russ and Liana said...

So cute! These are the kind of pictures that go into wedding videos!

The Sorenson Family said...

I love this picture - Kyler's expression is priceless! Your kids just love each other so much, it's wonderful! Give them all big hugs from me:)
- Sara xx