Monday, January 19, 2009

12 Years! (My Favorite Pictures of Gary)

Gary and Kyler

Gary and Kaden

Classic Gary (always happy and trying to make me laugh)

My all time favorite picture! Kamryn and Gary (we had raccoons on our roof when we lived at 13th East- they were living in the chimney and would keep Gary awake all night walking around on the roof and jumping on it from the tree after looking for food) So as I was taking the picture I said "show me what you think of the Raccoons"- I just Love it!

Gary and I have now been married for 12 YEARS! can you believe it?

How fun the last 12 years have been- with 7 moves, 6 job changes (for each of us), 3 dogs (none living with us anymore), 3 kids and I can't even keep track of how many different cars and trucks. Even through all of this, life has been so much fun together and I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for everything! I sure love ya.


Our Ohana said...

Wow, I can't believe you've been married 12 years!!! Congratulations, you two! You are such a great couple, and have made a great family together! I'm glad you keep your kids around, even if you haven't kept the dogs:) They're pretty cute!
Love you,
Sara xx

Rach said...

Congrats! Wow! you guys are an OLD married couple! 12 years will do that to you. Thankfully, you'll always be married longer than I, well at least until our husbands die... Though, the Kimballs have a rich history of out living their first wives!

The Campbell Family said...

12 years! Where did the time go? Congrats, that truly is a milestone. P.S. Love your blog background, we must both have the same good taste!

kristi and family said...

happy anniversary.... 12 years for you.... congrats!!!