Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hooray for Cousins

Last weekend we had Rachael's kids and my mom come and stay with us. The kids were really quiet and this is how I found them, all of them, playing- without being forced- Pretty, Pretty, Princess. For those of you who have never played it. You spin and move spaces whatever you land on you put on that piece of jewelry. The boys had a blast. On Saturday morning we then got up and went sledding. It was great- all the kids went down the big hill, Jessica even made the jump and landed somewhat gracefully. Of course I forgot the camera, but the kids had tons of fun and didn't even seem to notice the freezing cold wind blowing out of the canyon. What troopers!

Then it was time to get ready for bed- the boys got matching pj's for Christmas so we needed pictures.

of EVERYONE! (jessica actually let me put her hair in curlers, since I don't get to use them on anyone else- What a nice girl!)

Taylor had so much fun the night before playing pretty, pretty princess he dressed up (all on his own) in the blue jewelry. SO CUTE!

Batman even dropped in for a visit while the kids were there. (Kaden wore this just about the whole time- Thank you Santa)
We had a great time and are looking forward to having them over again- soon!
Thanks to Rachael and Phil for letting them come.


kristi and family said...

that looks so FUN... i totally need to put that game down on Ainslee's list for her birthday....

Our Ohana said...

THat game sounds like something my girls would love! I'll have to keep an eye out for it. That cracks me up that Taylor is fine with putting jewelry on, as long as it's blue! What great kids!
- Sara xx

Rach said...

So Fun! Thank you, thank you, again and again for having them all weekend. It was a great treat to rest without worrying about them, and it looks like they had a blast. I love that picture of Taylor. It totally made me giggle to read that he put it all on himself... and of course chose blue :) Jessica has had her hair curled like that at least 4 more times since... its now her favorite!