Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to have an AMAZING Day

Start with a very cute girl dressed in white
Baptize her and bless her baby brother

Follow that with good food

And GREAT Family!

And you will have one amazing day!
Everything turned out so perfectly it was a great day. Keaton ate, burped right away, and slept until he was blessed. Kamryn wasn't scared or anxious- she kept saying "I want to get baptized again, it felt so good". We had such great support from our ward and our families- that we really couldn't have had a better day.
Thanks so much to everyone for coming and helping us have a day we won't soon forget!


remington and mindy said...

What a beautiful family!! I love the pics, Kamryn looks great! We missed you guys, wish we could have been there. I hope Kamryn's gift was delivered to her and Becky did you get your card and check? We dropped it off to Randy to bring to you so I hope you got it. See you guys soon!

kristi and family said...

hey.. i am so sad we missed it.. it looked amazing... and so do you... i tried texting you to tell you we couldn't makeit but your cell# must have changed because i wierdo texted me back?? call me soon... love ya

Our Ohana said...

How sweet to have the blessing an baptism on the same day! That is something they can always share together. I wish we could have been there to give them both lots of love and hugs! Be sure to tell Kamryn how proud we are of her! And give Keaton a big squeeze from his family in Hawaii!