Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Who do I look Like?

We can't really decide who Keaton looks the most like- you decide.
Keaton has been the best baby!
He loves to sleep, last night was his second time of sleeping for 5 hours straight!
The kids just adore him and love to hold him or just kiss him.
We truely have been blessed!


Russ and Liana said...

I'm gonna say Kyler...mostly cause I thought they were the same baby for a sec. :)

Our Ohana said...

I think he totally looks like Kaden. Something about the shape of his lips and cute little nose... I think Kyler and Kamryn look more alike with each other. You certainly know how to make cute babies!

kristi and family said...

so freaking cute.. i am sad we didn't get to meet up.... lets plan something soon.... see ya...