Tuesday, July 27, 2010


July started off just as crazy as it's ending, but we have had loads and loads of fun. Cute pictures of all our adventures.
It was so fun to walk in to get the kids ready for bed and find Kamryn reading them all a story about tractors.

First- was the 'Cruise In' We look forward to the car parade every year. This year my dad joined us in trying to win the '65 GTO, but alas a couple from SLC won it this year. We had fun getting to see all the cars at the fairgrounds before the parade and hear Grandpa's stories about what he remembered about all the different cars. Thanks for coming Dad, we loved havin ya there!

Grandpa and Keaton enjoying the parade, from the tabernacle.

Kaden, Kamryn and Kyler, all had fun too!

Next it was off to Uncle Matt's and Aunt Becca's on the real 4th of July for a BBQ and Fireworks! This is becoming a tradition and we had a GREAT time. Thanks guys!

Gary and Kyler Checkin out Uncle Matt's new bike! SWEET!

David, Kaden, Jason and Alex waiting for fireworks. Bring them on!

Kamryn posing for a picture.

Keaton loving the fireworks, and dad tickling him.


Kyler loves pictures of him and Keaton- he is always making that face- love it!

Kamryn joined in the fun.

On the 17th Kamryn and Jessica were able to walk in the Day's of 47 Youth Parade! When we were 8 ish Rachael and I were able to walk too, so it was lots of fun to have them in it together- Thanks Mom! This is Taylor and Kaden all ready for the parade and any candy that would be thrown- too bad no one threw anything.

Mom, Kamryn and Jess- Totally cute Pioneers!

After the Parade- "it was the farthest I've ever walked"!

Kaden and Kyler after.

We went to my mom's and dad's after the parade and got pictures of Tyson and Keaton together. I love the look on Tyson's face, it looks like Keaton did something mean.

We had to be at the parade by 9:30 am so we left from Logan early. Needless to say everyone was tired!

We've been able to get outside now that the temperatures have finally soared and got some picture of all the boys on the patio.

Totally my favorite picture of all the boys- just waking up!

Rachael and Phil got us tickets to a Bee's game- they also got us tickets for hamburgers, hotdogs and chips and drinks. THANK YOU! We had fun and got to watch the fireworks after. I did not see much of the game in between getting the food for my crew, a screaming baby and a hungry one too! But the fireworks after were awesome!

Keaton did not tolerate the noise of the loudspeaker. Poor Kid.

Jessica and Kamryn- they had a blast!- Oops I just deleted the picture of Kaden and Taylor, they had fun too. Thanks to Uncle Randy for buying Kaden some fries so he did not starve!

We were able to take Jessica and Taylor home with us after the Bee's game. The following pictures are of them on Sunday at Gary's mom's house. Uncle Greg loves to tease and pester- enjoy the pictures.

Kyler trying to copy Gary's face making abilities.

Greg (who turns Forty on Thursday!) Kamryn and Jessica

Kam and Kade pose for a picture.

Dog pile on Uncle Greg! SOOO much fun!

Kyler enjoying the sand box. With Popsicle stains on his face.

Keaton- lover.

On Monday we went and check out the new splash pad in Providence with Angie and the kids. Cute picture of Porter and Kyler.

Kamryn and Jessica enjoying the water.

Kaden and Taylor also had a fantastic time- I love that I caught Tay with both feet off the ground!
July sure has been fun! We have also spent lots and lots of nights at the ward garden-weeding, tilling and pickin peas. Garden's sure are fun, but need lots of attention. SO Thanks to everyone for planning and inviting us to lots of fun things in July- we sure have lots of great MEMORIES!


Rach said...

Fun pictures! Thanks again for having the kids, they had such a great time! Thanks for coming down for the parade and Bees game. We need to get up there more often!

Our Ohana said...

Such beautiful pictures! It's wonderful to be (mostly) online now and to be able to catch up to all the great posts we missed over the last few weeks! Your kids are so cute and photogenic - that Kyler is growing up so fast I hardly recognized him! And his big blue eyes - how do you ever say no to those? Give them all a big hug from their family down-under!