Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A GrEaT Weekend!

Get ready for lots of cute and fun pictures! We went to Bear Lake on Saturday and had a BLAST! Rachael and Phil let us have Taylor and Jessica for a couple of days and so we took full advantage of "buddies" and headed east. We got there just after lunch after a few extra stops in the canyon due to Kamryn being super car sick and threatening to "throw-up". We found a good place for the chairs and umbrella and settled down for a great day! Gary took the kids out to the sand bar which was much farther out this year than last thanks to all the rain. The water is about waist level for about 50 yards. It was perfect weather and the kids had a blast. After playing in the water and on the floaters, they then devised a river way in the sand and could have stayed a lot longer playing and moving sand. But, I was starving and we left for dinner. We ordered our food at Quick and Tasty and took it to the church across the street to eat in the shade and after eating EXCELLENT food. The kids and Gary played soccer while I fed Keaton. We then loaded up in the van and made it home. It was a fantastic day and a great weekend!

Jess and Kam- having fun!

Posing with sand- a must.

Kaden is in to taking pictures with mean faces right now- enjoy!

Kyler had a great time in the sand/rocks.

River way

Fun pictures

more of their digging

doesn't the water look great?

SO Cute! Kaden had to have sand in his hands.

Kaden and Taylor staying out of the wind and staying warm.

On Sunday we went to meet Rachael to let her have Jess and Taylor back and we met at the Nursing Home my Grandma is in, so we could see her and get pictures with the new babies. When we walked in she was in her wheelchair asleep and it took a lot of tries to get her to wake up (it was about 7:20 pm) So while we were waiting I let Kyler hold Keaton in his stroller and he was SO excited!

Kamryn and Jess waiting patiently and wearing their matching shirts from Grandma Sorenson.

Not enough patience on my part, so I took pictures of all the kids with Grandma.

Now awake and transfered to her recliner... much easier to do pictures with babies.
Grandma and Keaton

After seeing Grandma, her nursing home is right next to a school with a playground so while babies were fed the older kids were able play!

Love this shirt from Target!

Kamryn posing.

Keaton and Tyson getting changes into PJ's.

Cute Tyson. On my camera this picture came first and then the next one of Keaton and switching from Tyson to Keaton with his chubby cheeks sure made us laugh.

He certainly doesn't miss many meals. Such a cute and GREAT baby! I told him the other night if all babies were like him we would have 10!

On Monday night we went to do some service at the Bishop's/ Ward garden and Keaton was just as good as ever.

The garden.

Kamryn weeding- she loves it (LOL)

Kaden- with a real smile.
We sure had a great weekend. We will take Jess and Taylor any time. We sure wish we could have had Tanner, Savanna, Olivia and Isabella with us too. It would have been a perfect day. Soon we will have to have Tyson and Paxton come also, when their mommies think they are big enough to spend the night!


Our Ohana said...

What good-looking kids I get to see on these blogs! My girls would have loved being there as well, you are so sweet to think of them! I'm glad their cousins got to try out something like a beach to prepare them for the day they might make it out to Australia or Hawaii!!! I can only imagine all 12 (soon 13!) of the cousins playing in the sand and jumping in the surf someday! We can dream, can't we?

Rach said...

Thanks again for having the kids up for the weekend. They absolutely loved it. It looks like they had such fun adventures! Love all the fun pictures!!