Monday, April 25, 2011

What a Surprise...

I came home from work a couple months ago (now) and found that we had 3 chickens running around our backyard. Kyler just loves them as you can see from the pictures. Gary bought 4 chickens and a house. When he got them home- one walked through the garage and was lost. The kids and Gary spent the next two days looking everywhere for the chicken and decided it had become either dinner for a neighborhood cat or dog, or it was with our neighbor's chickens. Come to find out it was making a nice home at our neighbors and when she found out it was ours, she happily brought it back. We know have four happy egg producing chickens. The Black one is Kaden's- named Blackberry, one of the brown ones is Kamryn's- named Little Jerry (thanks to daddy for helping her name it), the other brown one is Keaton's- named Red, and finally the white one is Kyler's- named Marshmellow. Marshmellow is luckily mellow, Kyler will chase her and chase her until he gets to hold her, holds her all the time and will only eat her eggs. Which are the only white ones so its easy to tell. We have learned a lot about chickens the last two months and really enjoy having them as pets.

Kyler and Marshmellow
Keaton and Red (as close as he is allowed to get)

Keaton loves the chickens too!

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Our Ohana said...

So cool! I want chickens now!