Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Triple Header!!!

We celebrated on April 16th- 3 of the cutest boys first birthdays! With Keaton (March 16th), Paxton (March 17th) and Tyson (May 6th) all having their first birthday we couldn't resist having a TRIPLE HEADER! Rachael made 3 totally cute banner which read "Triple Bogey", "Happy Birthday" and "Triple Header". (Warning- I have attached enough pictures that you will feel like you were there.)
Dinner- awesome Chabota rolls, turkey and pastrami, all kinds of cheeses and cake and candy. We were well fed!

These are the special cakes Rachael made for the Birthday Boys.

More Decorations.

All the kids had lots of fun playing with the balloons, especially the babies.

The Loot. We combined Easter too and did an Easter Egg Hunt for the older kids- what fun!

They all got special treats and had fun going through their baskets.Bring on the CAKE! (Keaton)


and Paxton. As you can see they enjoyed every second!

Tanner and Kyler coloring one of their prizes.

Tyson opening one of his presents.

Paxton doing the same.

Kamryn helping Keaton read his "Wheels on the Bus" book from Remington and Mindy- it is now a favorite of everyone at our home!

Randy and his girlfriend Kelsey came.

Paxton and Remington- having fun!

Keaton learning how to push the button on the book which plays the tune of wheels on the bus.

Kaden and Taylor showing off their awesome coloring!

Kamryn showing me how to jump rope.

I just deleted the pictue of Jessica teaching me how to do jump rope tricks, but here is a cute picture of her and Kamryn showing how much fun they had at the Party!

We all had lots of fun Celebrating the 1st Birthday's of the cutest boys, but most fun of all was getting to be with Family!


remington and mindy said...

That was a way fun party!! I still have yet to post about it on my blog -I'm half tempted to just put a link to your ;) I'm glad you guys like the book, we love Paxton's shoes- we are on the hunt for a bigger size though (his feet are so chubby)!

Woodward Family said...

Oh my goodness! Keaton is already 1?! That year has flown by! It looks like you guys are doing well! Your kids are all getting so big!