Monday, April 25, 2011

Grandma and Cousins!

My Grandma has been placed on Hospice, so we took the kids to get pictures while we still can (she has been taken off all her medications- and is now more alert and doing better than in the pictures!). The best part about meeting Rachael and my mom to see Grandma...COUSINS!

We had lots of fun and enjoyed leaving Grandma a new book with new pictures of all her great grandkids- at least the ones from my mom and dad.

Rachael, Grandma, my mom and me

Keaton and Tyson (notice the trend- everyone has a buddy!)

Kyler and Tanner

Taylor and Kaden

Jessica and Kamryn

The whole Crew- what a fun bunch of cute kids!

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Our Ohana said...

You all look so beautiful in these pictures. Poor Grandma! It's good to hear that going off her meds at least made her more alert. She must have really loved your visit.