Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What does your tummy tell you?

Kyler- see how happy he is now!

The cutest boys around!

Tonight as we were driving home from Macey's this was the conversation Kaden and I had:

Kaden- "I remember making Grandpa and Grandma's bed when I was two."

Me- "Kaden, you have the best memory."

Kaden- "I know, my tummy told me"

Kaden is so much fun, his tummy tells him all sort of things and he is feeling whatever his tummy is. He will say- "My tummy is tired", then go upstairs and go to sleep. We love having him around he sure keeps us entertained.


kristi and family said...

kids are seriously the BEST...

Our Ohana said...

so funny!!! My tummy tells me things too, usually to go eat chocolate. I should be more like you, Kaden and just listen to it more... ;)