Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fun in the Snow!

Kaden's snow chair- he made ALL by himself!

Kamryn Sledding down the front yard

Awesome Snowman, Cute Kids

Do you remember when you loved to dress up in all your snow clothes, and you could play outside forever and you never felt the cold? Okay- I can't either, but Kamryn and Kaden have loved the snow we've had this year. (all inch of it) They will stay out side for hours playing on the sled and they even were able to make snowmen all by themselves! Awesome!


Rach said...

Too Cute! I love those two munchkins. I need you and Gary to go away somewhere nice and warm, so we can have them all to ourselves for a week or two! and of course we'll take darling Kyler too...

Our Ohana said...

I know somewhere warm that would love to see you;)
Wow, great snowmam, Kamryn and Kaden!!! My kids would just love playing out there with you! I love these pictures!

- Sara xx