Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve at my parents house- Everyone's Favorite gift!
Way to go Grandma and Grandpa.

Thanks to Rachael doing Kamryn's hair like this on the 24th (even though she should have been resting) Kamryn let me do her hair with a twist today!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!

Could there be any cuter SUPERMEN?

While we were having our Christmas Eve party at my parents house there was a knock at the door and who was there? Santa! Looking at this picture you can tell who knows they have been good and who doesn't.


Our Ohana said...

Great pictures!!! I'm so glad someone posted some stuff from Christmas with the extended family, we really missed being there with everyone! I lvoe the picture of all the kids on their animals, it is just priceless, and Kyler looks so big on that lion! I lvoe Kamryn's hair too, I'll have to try that one on Savanna if I can figure it out:) Miss you, and merry Christmas!!!
- Sara xx

Our Ohana said...

okay how do you do that twist thing??? Savanna wanted me to try it out and I'm obviously hair-stupid!

kristi and family said...

Merry Christmas... i love your pictures... i am sad i missed you again... we totally need to hang out....