Tuesday, October 5, 2010

August- Better Late than Never :)

In August we made it to YELLOWSTONE! We had a fantastic time and took Gary's little sister Mandi and her husband Adam (and their kids) with us and made lots of great memories!
This was after a very cold night spent sleeping in the van. I probably slept worst of all and I usually can sleep anywhere. It got down to 32 degrees and I was so worried about Keaton getting cold and waking other people up by starting the van- it was hard to sleep. SO in the morning we went to fish bridge and just as we arrived this buffalo waked up the side of the bridge and right into traffic!

We were able to get a picture of these deer swiming across the river. They are fast swimmers.

Kyler point to the deer.

Keaton staying warm.

Next it was on to the rapids- Kamryn climbed out so we could take a picture.

Mandi, Adam and their boys (Kyler snuck in the bottom corner)

Kamryn and Kaden loving the smell of the mud pits.

Family picture- a must!

All the cousins!
David, Kaden, Keaton, Kamryn, Marc, Kyler and Eric

After the mud pits we had to wait approx 20-25 minutes while a huge herd of huge buffalos crossed the road. This one crossed right in front of us-awesome!

While hiking the waterfalls we saw this sign- no worries right?

Then there was this!


Cute Kamryn.

These Buffalos walked right next to the car, you can see our shadow. Right next to the closest one was a baby, you can see his feet underneath.

Old Faithful- Cool, but not as awesome as I remember. The kids enjoyed it.

Having fun waiting for Old Faithful.

During our trip we saw deer, buffalo, a coyote, and a baby bear. Gary said the only thing we hadn't seen was Elk. Well on the way out we were able to stop and get a picture of 4 Elk.
It was a great trip and besides the cold, mosquitos, car sickness, and hotdogs that cost $6.10! We loved it and needed a family trip for some great time together.


Our Ohana said...

Amazing pictures!!! What a wonderful trip that must have been... except maybe for the freezing night part! How cool that your family got to see all of those amazing sights animals! Thanks for posting!!!

jenny jones said...

What a fun trip! Keaton is sooo cute!