Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Pictures!


a little bright- but shows off his eyes.

Kyler was the most difficult participant- we took what we could get.

he could not look at the camera and smile-

But when he was looking away- perfect.

Kaden- we are working on the perfect "real" smile.


Kamryn has it down! Beautiful.

Such a cutie!
The kids all looked so cute in plaid on Sunday, we couldn't resist taking them up the canyon for some pictures. Out of 44 pictures of them all together and a combined 22 of them seperate, this was the best one of ALL of the CUTIES. Below are some of the good, bad and the funny.

Kaden's smile says it all- we had a lot of fun!


Rach said...

Love, Love, Love them! The Pictures and your kids :) P.S. love Keaters in orange!

Our Ohana said...

Beautiful! I love the fall leaves in the background that was such a good idea! How did your children all get such amazing eyes? They all really stand out! Wish my kids would sit so well for pictures!

I LOVE Kylers funny face in one of those bottom pictures! What a cutie!