Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pictures of Kyler and Keaton

Kyler and Porter- Let me tell you- Kyler LOVES popsicles!

Adorable (post Popsicle face)

He's got the funnest personality, he always has me laughing!

Standing in the church sprinklers- he LOVES getting wet (outside) anytime.

Keaton- his red headed temper is starting to emerge.

look at the cute squishy face- who couldn't love that?

He is such a Happy baby unless he see's you and you walk away, or if he is hungry- he is so handsome!

and an addict - he loves cans and bottles, and probably the caffine in them (that comes later from mom)

See! This is a special throw-back Dr. Pepper. I am spoiled enough to get them at Gary's moms since Keaton does not tolerate corn anything.

Love those big blue eyes.

Trying apple sauce- may be a little too tart!
Kyler and Keaton are so cute together and I have really enjoyed having them home while Kamryn and Kaden are off having fun at school.


remington and mindy said...

What cute pictures! We don't see you guys enough :) We'll see you tomorrow though!

Our Ohana said...

I'm jealous! I wish WE could see you tomorrow! I love it when you post new pictures of your beautiful family. These little boys are so cute, and they have so much personality already!