Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Warning: I am not an expert blogger these pictures are not in the order I had hoped.
In May I was able to "get" to go back to work. Kyler has been lucky to be able to spend lots of time with his favorite person "Grandma up the Street".

We have taken lots of walks to the river trail. The kids have loved it. The weather has made it a little challenging to go at times.

Kamryn giving a great pose!

In May we got to go to a lot of soccer games. We absolutely loved it. Kamryn and Kaden did so great. Both had a couple of goals and Kamryn even tried out goalie and oved it. She only got scored on once!

Kamryn and some of the cute girls on her team.

On May 3rd we celebrated Kyler's 2nd Birthday. He has turned out to be the greatest! We love him so much. He talks non-stop, keeps us laughing, loves JoJo (kamryn) and McBain (kaden) and it so fun to have around!

He got an "Elmo" bike for his birthday and has loved every second on it.

We had a fun party at Grandma's house.

Keaton started smiling in May and he hasn't stopped. He is the best! and is always SMiLiNG!

Kaden's soccer team. SO much FUN!

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