Thursday, June 17, 2010

SO much FuN!

Our Friend Kara did some picture of the kids for us at Gardner village and they turned out GREAT! Kara worked so had to get all of the kids to look at her, but alas with 4 it is harder than you think it is going to be to get pictures. I thought we would be there 30-45 minutes to get the 3 older kids and Rachael's three older kids pictures done. Whoa- 2 hours later we headed to Kara's to photograph the babies. Now that was an adventure all of its own. Check back for pictures from that night and a 2nd day to try to get pictures of the babies- alone and with cousins!

Kamryn- she is BEAUTIFUL!

What great hair!

Kaden- don't you love the smiles you get at 5-6 years old?

SO Handsome!

The pictures of Kyler sure show his personality.

Love it!

Amazing eyes.

Keaters (his nickname) has just about the hue of eyes as Kyler-beautiful color.

I know somewhere at my mom's there is a picture of me or Rachael that looks exactly like this(except we are in pinks dresses)
We love the pictures and had an AWESOME time. Thanks for great memories KARA!
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remington and mindy said...

Way cute pics! I hadn't seen your kids pictures yet, I LOVE them!! Kamryn is beautiful! What cute kids.

Our Ohana said...

Wow, those pictures turned out to be amazing! Simply beautiful! Kamryn really does have such a beautiful smile - as do they all! I love it! I can't believe how much of a big boy Kyler is now! Deena couldn't stop talking about him when they were here, it sounds like they are best buds! He sure is a little cutie! Give them all a big hug for me!

jedginahutch said...

So sad, that I couldn't be with the group! It would have been like old times (really old times!) But your kids are gorgeous!